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Life Insurance

"Security is something we all look for...

This makes Insurance Planning important”.

Life insurance is a financial resource for your family and loved ones in case of your death. It is a cover which allows your family to maintain a standard to living as they are currently, and meet their financial obligations.

It also serves as an effective investment and tax saving tool.

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Health Insurance

In India, the prevailing health care scenario has not been of a high order that prevails in developed nations. The kind of medical facilities that are provided by the governments falls grossly inadequate to meet the ever increasing needs felt by citizens . Hence, most often, people are dependent upon private medical facilities, which over the years, have become increasingly costly with the advancement in the field of medicine. This has thrown up the need for going for voluntary health insurance commonly named as Mediclaim Policy.

How does it Work ?

These private health insurances give the person some control over the choice of provider, facility and timing of treatment. It provides a general peace of mind that their medical expenses are covered. The policy provides for reimbursement of Hospitalization / Domiciliary hospitalization expenses for illness/ disease suffered or accidental injury sustained during the policy period. The policy pays for expenses incurred under the following heads:

Relevant medical expenses incurred during period up to 30 days prior to and period of 60 days after hospitalization are treated as part of the claim.