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Financial Planning

We all have many responsibilities and goals in our lives. We have dreams and aspirations for a better future. But quite often we are not sure as to how we will fulfill these goals and aspirations. Life changes over time. We may never be sure what today holds for us tomorrow. What if something goes wrong? How do we make sure that we get what we wish? A comprehensive Financial Plan is what you need. We offer you with Comprehensive Financial Planning solutions which would involve …

  • A detailed study of your goals
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Monitoring of the Financial Plan on an on-going basis

Financial planning is not about one time asset allocation: it is an ongoing process that requires taking a view of your all your financial transactions and situation. It takes a holistic look at your finances currently: it takes into account your incomes and expenses as also your starting net worth. It then projects your financial situation going forward and helps you make financially prudent decisions on the way! do we make sure that we get what we wish?

Childs Future Planning

Like every parent, you too must be overjoyed to watch your child grow. All parents want to give the best possible upbringing to their children. This includes good education and security, in case of any eventuality. Soon, your little bundle of joy will grow up, and it will be time to provide for his or her higher education and wedding.

The purpose of Children's Future Planning is to create a corpus for future expenditures such as those on higher education and wedding, and to provide for an adequate security cover during their growing years.

Children's Future Planning acquires added importance because children's education and wedding are high priority life goals, which can neither be postponed nor can there be a compromise on the amount.

Good education has always been the passport to a secure future. Today, career opportunities have grown manifold, and there are many professional course that your child can aspire for. However, costs of higher education have also increased exponentially.

Like most parents, you might be saving regularly to ensure a safe tomorrow for your child. However, savings alone is no longer enough. For ensuring adequate funding of your child's education, you as a parent, need to do two things:

  • Invest appropriate amount systematically and at regular intervals
  • Provide for a financial security blanket to cover any eventuality

It is never too early to start saving and investing for your child's future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the period of your life when you are no longer working and you need to fund your day today expenses from your savings. Retirement planning is a part of overall financial planning process and it enables a person to enjoy the desired post retirement lifestyle. When you stop earning, you would certainly want to maintain nearly the same standard of living. Post retirement, a person does not have his monthly paycheck and will have to depend on the annuity he receives from his investment corpus. Planning for the sunset years acquires added importance because people over-estimate what they have and under-estimate how much they need post retirement.

With retirement not far around the corner, your needs will be rapidly changing. And you will be asking the big questions – what does retirement mean to me, and will I have enough? How can I be better off? As our lives change, our financial needs and priorities change too. We can help you be better off at every stage of life – no matter where you start. That’s why this information is designed specifically for your stage in life. Even if you’re years away from retiring, you’re wise to be thinking about retirement planning. Years from now you’ll be a lot happier saying, “I’m glad I did” instead of “I wish I had”. A retirement plan is an assurance that you will continue to earn a satisfying income and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, even when you are no longer working. We will help you understand how much you need to grow your wealth before you retire and how to plan for it.

What you can do to achieve your retirement goals

If you start early, you can build large corpus for retirement. It is a myth that one should start planning for retirement when you are 40 plus. Remember the power of compounding!

Define your need and financial objectives.

Seek advice of a financial planner, who shall chalk out a plan for you. A financial planner can guide you to invest in appropriate asset class to build corpus for your retirement.

Diversification and optimal asset allocation in accordance with one's risk appetite is a key to successful financial and retirement planning.

Review your plan at regular interval to ensure you are on track.

Tax Planning

There is more to tax planning than exemptions available on savings. With our advice, you will pay the right amount of tax, not more and not less. You will also know how to tax proof your incomes and gains. After all, your capital is more productive in your hands and it can work wonders for you if planned properly.

We guide you in the Planning & managing your finances and achieving your financial goals. Basic planning starts with Tax planning as good tax planning can increase the take home salary. These investments can also cater to a few of your needs if this is well planned. Tax planning is not restricted only to tax savings investments (Section 80C). There are several other components E.g HRA, Home Loans, LTA, Re-imbursements, etc to reduce the taxable income.

Our advice

  • By careful planning, one can reduce tax liability substantially.
  • Declaring at the start of the FY is most important
  • Don’t wait for last minute. Start in April and use monthly investments to reduce risk. It will be easier on your pocket as well.
  • Try and achieve tax planning and also planning for your needs simultaneously
  • Use tax efficient investment avenues. You should not be paying too much tax on their returns
Wealth Management

Successful Wealth management is an ever changing ideal. It demands an in-depth consultative process that delivers customized solutions across the broad array of financial needs as well as asset classes. We believe that every client is different and view their situation as unique before embarking on the journey to create a roadmap in order to achieve the predefined goals.It’s not just about timing your investments, it’s also about how much time you give them and do proper Asset Allocation.

Don’t let short term hiccups and the ups and downs of business cycles come between you and your wealth creation.

Wealth Management is an ongoing process and our commitment to your wealth creation.

A few steps with us can take you there

  • Client Profiling & Segmentation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Review of existing portfolio
  • Implementing/Optimising Asset Allocation
  • Investment Proposal
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Updation
  • Periodic Portfolio Restructuring
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